Professional Accreditation and Recognition

Certified Housing Professional (CHP) is the accreditation awarded to housing professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to their profession and continuing professional development.

 “Housing doesn’t sit still”

Housing professionals know that the field is diverse, complex and constantly moving.  We work hard to keep up and keep ahead.  That warrants recognition by our employers, partners, clients and the broader community. 

CHP provides the mechanism for identifying highly skilled and ethical housing professionals.  CHP will become the industry benchmark for competency and professionalism in housing. Certification provides a clear and tangible signal to the community, government, industry and employers that Certified Housing Professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to building the profession through their AHI membership.

Benefits to becoming a Certified Housing Professional

  • Ensures you continually build the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your role, providing increased value to your organisation and your clients 
  • Shows your commitment to your self-development, your career and to the wider housing industry 
  • Enables you to evaluate your learning and recognise its real value
  • Enables you to plan and achieve your development and career goals
  • Provides a competitive edge for employment and advancement opportunities in the housing sector

Current Certified Housing Professionals 

Many social housing professionals across Australia and New Zealand  have already become Certified Housing Professionals (CHP) and received their certificates of professional recognition. Click here to see the full list of current Certified Housing Professionals.

Applications for CHP levels 1, 2 & 3 are now open on an ongoing basis.  Log in to member’s area to apply.

CHP Introductory Webinar

Interested in becoming a Certified Housing Professional, but still have some questions?  The Becoming a Certified Housing Professional self-paced webinar guides through the process to become accredited through the Australasian Housing Institute’s professional recognition program. Available to members only, this webinar covers:

  • Understanding CHP accreditation
  • Levels of professional recognition
  • How to apply
  • CPD points and expiry
  • How to submit CV and CPD
  • Maintaining accreditation

CLICK HERE to access the webinar (page is available to AHI Members only, you must be logged in to access the webinar).


Levels of Professional Recognition


Financial member
Stated interest in social housing and intent to learn about and / or participate in the social housing sector as a volunteer or professional person
Applications accepted ongoing

Certified Housing Professional Level 1

Financial member
50 current CPD/CPE 
1+ years experience related to the social housing sector
Completed relevant industry training

Certified Housing Professional Level 2

Financial member
80 current CPD/CPE points
2+ years experience related to the social housing sector
Nationally recognised vocational qualification in related discipline (e.g. Certificate IV or Diploma level)

Certified Housing Professional Level 3

Financial member
100 current CPD/CPE points
5+ years experience related to the social housing sector
Tertiary qualification in related discipline (e.g. Advanced Diploma, Degree or higher)


Financial member
Long term, well respected worker and advocate for social housing
Continuing supporter and contributor to the AHI
Fellows may be appointed by the Board on the recommendation of a Branch Committee or on the Board's own initiative

Life Member and Patron

Remarkable and unique level of achievement through a career of commitment to social housing
Long-term supporter and contributor to the AHI
Life Member and Patrons may be appointed by the Board on the recommendation of a Branch Committee or on the Board's own initiative.

Accreditation Process - CHP Levels 1, 2 & 3

  1. Applicant becomes an AHI member - join now
  2. Applicant reviews criteria for CHP levels to determine level they are eligible for
  3. Applicant submits CV, qualifications and recent CPD via member login – covered in Self Service User Guide
  4. Applicant completes online application form – covered in Self Service User Guide
    AHI Training Manager verifies evidence and CPD claims meets requirements of CHP level applied for.  Additional evidence or information may be requested.
  5. Training Manager advises applicant of outcome
  6. AHI issues accreditation certificate - valid for 12 months
  7. Applicant maintains ongoing record of CHP activities via member login
  8. Training manager reviews CPD claims on ongoing basis
  9. Training manager reviews current CPD points meet level requirement on annual basis for reissue of accreditation certificate

CPD/CPE Points and Expiry

Members wishing to gain and maintain Certified Housing Professional (CHP) accreditation levels 1 to 3 are required to record ongoing CPD/CPE by participating in industry-related* professional development activities or education.

How to submit CPD Claims and Qualifications

Download Submitting CV & CPD – Self Service User Guide.

CPD Points and CPD Expiry Periods

Note: A maximum of 80 CPD points can be claimed for any program, conference, activity or qualification.  

CPD/CPE Activity

CPD/CPE Points

Points Expiry

Review of HousingWORKS publications evidenced through review survey response

Click here to participate in the survey.

10 CPD points per edition reviewed

12 months from edition date

Attendance at AHI branch committee meeting, AHI board meeting, or AHI AGM

10 per meeting

12 months

Attendance at industry-related networking event* or AHI Awards

10 per event

12 months

Participation in formal (structured) workplace training within the social housing industry

10 per half day

20 per day

12 months

Active member in AHI LinkedIn group*



Membership of industry-related professional association (other than AHI) or subscription to industry related publications (other than HousingWORKS).

10 CPD points per membership/subscription

expires at end of subscription/membership as evidenced

Participation in an industry-related seminar, training course or webinar

10 per half day

10 per webinar

20 per day

12 months

Presentation, panellist or facilitator at an industry-related conference, workshop or seminar

40 per event

12 months

Preparing author of application for AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Program

10 per application

12 months

Contribution to HousingWORKS Vox Pop or 'Who's New at AHI'

10 per vox pop reply or interview
 12 months

Published industry-related article, research paper or book, e.g. HousingWORKS, AHURI, University

20 per LinkedIn article

40 per industry publication article or research paper

60 per book

12 months

Nationally recognised vocational qualification in related discipline (e.g. Nationally recognised Certificate or Diploma - NZQA or AQF or international equivalent)

50 per full qualification
(30 per statement of attainment for partial completion)

24 months

Tertiary qualification in related discipline (e.g. Advanced Diploma, Degree or higher)

80 per qualification

36 months


Industry-related is defined as CPD/CPE that has a connection to the social housing sector. When determining if a claimed qualification or event meets the “related discipline and industry-related” criteria, it will be considered how it contributes to the individual’s social housing role/s. 

Active member in AHI LinkedIn group, means the person has contributed to the group/s by commenting on a discussion, or starting a discussion on at least two occasions.

Networking events are defined as events where industry-related professionals come together to connect, learn and share with like-minded professionals from other organisations, sectors or jurisdictions.