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HousingWORKS July 2015

The October 2015 edition is the product of a successful and ongoing partnership between the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) and the Australasian Housing Institute (AHI).Fittingly and in line with recent policy trends, we are now talking about the future of community housing and its role in ending homelessness.



Feature: The Role of Community Housing in Responding to Homelessness 
Building Homes and Stronger Communities 
Catherine Yeomans, CEO Mission Australia

Homelessness Challenges: Studios and One-bedroom Apartments to the Rescue 
Emmanuel Gruzman and Tony Gilmour, Housing Action Network

Community Managed Rooming Houses as a Frontline Response to Homelessness: Where the Gaps Lie
Dr Mandy Leveratt, Manager, Quality and Service, St Kilda Community Housing

The Role of Community Housing in Responding to Homelessness 
Community Housing (Victoria) Limited

Supporting Community Rooming House Tenants 
Ian Gough, Manager Consumer Services, Council to Homeless Persons

The Economics of Housing Singles 
Michael Smith, Consultant to the Community Housing Federation of Australia

The Role of Community Housing in Ending Youth Homelessness 
Jessica Fielding, Policy Officer, Y Foundations

The Role of Community Housing in Responding to Homelessness: An Initial Assessment and Planning Perspective
Catherine Taylor, IAP Worker, Launch Housing St Kilda (formally HomeGround Services)

Housing: It Keeps on Giving 
Jacqui Gibson, Council to Homeless Persons, Peer Education Support Program Member

An Integrated Response to Homelessness 
Sue Phillips, General Manager of Community Services and Scott Langford, General Manager Housing and Urban Development Junction Australia

Housing is a Human Right for Everybody 
Laura Simpson, Manager Service Development, Rural Housing Network

Community Rooming Houses: A Key Response to Homelessness 
Chris Chaplin, Manager, Policy and Compliance, Port Phillip Housing Association Ltd

Room at the Top: A Discussion on the Role of Peaks
If Two’s Company and Three’s a Crowd, What is Ten? 
Greg Budworth, Group Managing Director, Compass Housing

The ‘How’, ‘Whom’ and ‘What’ of Discussing Consolidation Among Peaks
Donald Proctor, President, Australasian Housing Institute

Peaking Over the Horizon 
Alice Clark and Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter

The Changing Needs of the Social Housing Industry and Housing Professionals
Scott Langford, Chairman, PowerHousing Australia

- John McInerney, Chair, Community Housing Industry Association
- Rob Leslie, CEO, Yarra Community Housing

Meet a New AHI Member
James Clough, Assets Manager for Community Housing, Junction Australia

Meet an AHI Corporate Member
Aboriginal Housing Victoria - Jenny Samms, Chief Executive Officer

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