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HousingWORKS/Parity May 2014

Once again the Australasian Housing Institute and the Council to Homeless Persons combined their resources to publish a joint edition of their two publications. In the May 2014 'Housing Insecurity and Homelessness' joint edition of HousingWorks and Parity we examine and discuss the manifold dimensions and implications of housing insecurity.

The full version of the magazine is available for AHI Members in the Members' Only Area of the site.

The Budgets: What the Victorian and Federal Budgets Mean for Homelessness Services 
Sarah Toohey, Manager Policy and Communications, Council to Homeless Persons  

Update from Homelessness Australia 
Glenda Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Homelessness Australia

Feature: Housing Insecurity and Homelessness Introduction 
Professor Kath Hulse, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research 

Chapter 1. Thinking About Housing Insecurity 
Is the Concept of ‘Housing Insecurity’ a Useful One for Policymakers? 
Keith Jacobs, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania 
‘The next time I move, I’m moving out in a box’: Mobility and Housing Insecurity in South Australia 
Dr Natalie Greenland, Research and Policy Officer, Shelter South Australia 
Housing Insecurity, Thy Name is Renting 
Net Cutcher, Policy Officer, Tenants’ Union of New South Wales 
Australia’s Boarder Protection Policy and Homelessness 
Erika Altmann, School of Sociology, University of Tasmania 
Not Waving but Drowning 
Michelle Waterford, Research and Policy Director, Anglicare Australia 

Chapter 2: The Consequences of Housing Insecurity
Increasing Insecurity, Increasing Risk, Decreasing Quality, Decreasing Value 

James Bennett, Policy and Liaison Worker, Tenants Union of Victoria 
Living on a Knife’s Edge: Public Housing Insecurity in the Northern Territory 
Harley Dannatt 
Arbitrary Evictions in Australia: A Breach of Human Rights or the Next Step in Government Policy 
Benedict Bartl, Solicitor, Tenants’ Union of Tasmania and University Associate with the University of Tasmania’s Law School 
Insecurity Within Public Housing 
Mark Feenane, Victorian Public Tenants Association (VPTA) Executive Officer and Margaret Guthrie, VPTA Chairperson
Fighting for My Family 
Professor Kath Hulse and Dr Andrea Sharam, Swinburne Institute for Social Research 
Consumer Voices — Housing Insecurity and Homelessness 
Young people Facing Increasing Housing Insecurity and Homelessness
Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer, Shelter WA 
Three Strikes Coming for Tasmanian Public Housing Tenants? What will it look like and are you next if not already there? 
Tim Walter, Acting Principal Solicitor, Tenants’ Union of Tasmania
Anglicare WA’s Rental Affordability Snapshot: Low Income Earners, Housing Insecurity and Housing Stress
Desiree Nangle, Evaluation Manager and Mark Glasson, Executive General Manager, Anglicare WA 

Chapter 3: Responding to Housing Insecurity 
Improving Secure Occupancy in Rental Housing 

Kath Hulse, Swinburne Institute of Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and Vivienne Milligan, City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney 
Supporting Families Experiencing Housing Insecurity 
Emma Shaw, Families Coordinator, HomeGround Services 
When Public Housing Tenancy is at Risk 
Mim Dineen, Zoe Probyn, Mark Rayner, SHASP Manager’s Network 
Surviving or Thriving? Older People at Risk of Homelessness in the Private Rental Market
Jeff Fiedler, Manager, Education and Housing Advice, Housing for the Aged Action Group
Complexities of Homelessness Tackled Under One Roof 
Under 1 Roof Co-Chairs, David Cant, Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) Chief Executive Officer and Kent Maddock, Sagacity Consulting Managing Director 
The Private Rental Clinic: An Innovative Partnership between the Hutt Street Centre, Red Cross and Housing SA 
Ben Taylor, Education and Training Manager, Hutt Street Centre and Lulu Cushway, Team Leader of Eastern Adelaide Homelessness Service 
Expectation Gaps: How Well are the Goals of the NPAH. Working for Tenants of Supported Accommodation Facilities? 
Dr Julia Verdouw, Dr Michelle Gabriel and Associate Professor Daphne Habibis, Housing and Community Research Unit, University of Tasmania