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HousingWORKS June 2016

This edition of HousingWORKS features a number of articles with a theme of long-term asset management and housing strategy. This is a little ironic at a time when our Federal election reminds us about the down-side of the ‘short-term policymaking’ that arises from ‘short-term political cycles’, when what our housing sector so badly needs is a long-term policy framework which supports long-term asset strategies that will address long-term housing need.

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Dear HousingWORKS 
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Vox Pop 
What should social housing asset managers do to protect our nation’s housing assets in the long-term?

Meet a Tenant 
Didier Coulston

National Housing Strategy to Tackle All Aspects of Australia’s Housing Crisis 
Professor David Adamson, Compass Housing


  • $7 Million Housing Upgrade to Heritage Complex
  • Hundreds of Homes Made Safer and Modernised

Warm and Dry Focus for Housing New Zealand Winter 

Protecting our Nation’s Housing Assets 
Donald Proctor, Compass Housing

Asset Management in Aged Care 
Dr James Grealy, Tierra Health; and Mark Farrell, MDF Group

Embracing the Maintenance Moan 
Anna Minges, Westside Housing Association

Maintaining 64,000 Homes 
Janine Kendall, Housing New Zealand

Environmentally Sustainable Affordable Housing: An Asset Management Perspective
Patrick Ryan, SGCH

Assets or Liabilities: Beyond the Words of an Asset Management Strategy 
Jacqui Blenkinship

Spotlight on Homelessness and Emergency Housing 
Angie Cairncross, David Zussman and Chris Glaudel, Community Housing Aotearoa

Leading the Way in Design and Sustainability 
Charlie Taouk, Hume Community Housing

Why Innovative Partnering Between Councils and Community Housing 
Providers Results in a Win-Win

A Career in Housing: 

  • Fiona McConnell, NCCH
  • Dushy Thangiah, CEO, Yumba-Meta


  • Corporate Member: Housing Choices Australia
  • Certified Housing Professional: Geoff Barclay, Place Manager, Urban Communities
  • AHI Member: Carmen Lynskey, Social Housing Manager, Comcare Trust