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HousingWORKS December 2016

As always, this edition serves a broad range of topics. Greg Budworth provides an international perspective with an article about the recent UN Habitat III Conference in Ecuador. Also, Ron Clewer, CEO of Rockford Housing Authority in the USA, gives us an international view of housing asset management. There are updates from across Australia including Women’s Housing Ltd, Link Housing, Hume Community Housing, and the transcript of a presentation about housing in Tasmania by the Minister for Human Services, the Hon. Jacquie Petrusma MP. Haleh Homei provides a very personal perspective of her role as CEO of Port Phillip Housing Association based on her experience of fleeing war-torn Iran as a child. We feature two great articles regarding Indigenous housing: one in which Shane Hamilton speaks about the important leadership role and future directions of the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, and Shona McCahon writes about a medium density village in the heart of Auckland that is designed to combine modern sustainable living practices with traditional Maori values and traditions. The full version of the magazine is available on-line in the Members Only section of the web-site.


Vox Pop
If you were to run the government for a day, what strategy or policy would you implement to provide affordable housing?

UN Plan Puts Housing Back on the National Agenda 
Greg Budworth, Compass Housing

A Word From the Hon. Jacquie Petrusma MP 
Jacquie Petrusma, Tasmanian Minister for Human Services and Minister for Women

National Conversations About the Future of Aboriginal Housing 

Book Review: Alan Morris’ The Australian Dream: Housing Experiences of Older Australians
Francis Brazil, AHI Board Member

Security in Retirement: The Impact of Housing and Key Critical Life Events 
Dr Andrea Sharam, Liss Ralston, Dr Sharon Parkinson

Identifying and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence: A Toolkit for Community Housing Providers NSW Federation of Housing

Fire Safety Versus Security 
Anton Botha, Wellington City Council

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Importance of Safety Audits for Properties 
Amador Garcia, Safety First

Ka-inga Tuatahi: An Urban Village Shaped by Ma-ori Traditional Values 
Shona McCahon

The Long Road to Freedom: Best Practice Approaches Supporting Ex-Prisoners to Access Stable Housing 
Dr Tony Gilmour, Housing Action Network

Asset Management: Recognising and Implementing the Essentials 
Ron Clewer, Rockford Housing Authority

Safety, Affordability and Style: New Developments for Women’s Housing Ltd Provide Homes Anyone Would Desire
Alicia Brown, ClarkeHopkinsClarke

Competition and User Choice: The Impact on Community Housing Providers 
Alison Kimber, ak advisory

SDA Housing: Where to Next? 
Anthony Nolan, Kennedy Associates Architects

A Career in Housing
Haleh Homaei, CEO, Port Phillip Housing Association