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HousingPEOPLE September 16

AHI HousingPEOPLE e-Newsletter
September 2016
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Issue: September 2016

The Australasian Housing Institute is delighted to present our Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2020 to build on the growth and successes we have achieved in recent years. Through this plan we aspire to remain the leading provider of professional development and accreditation services for housing professionals, by continuously building the value we deliver to our members and partners.
In this issue of the newsletter you'll find a detailed wrap-up of the Aboriginal Master Class, that was held in Sydney at the beginning of September and find numerous networking and professional development opportunities from one-hour webinars to full-day seminars.

New AHI Members 

Welcome to our new members and Certified Housing Professionals.
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Upcoming networking events near you

New Zealand

 | The Australasian Housing Institute, Community Housing Aotearoa and Te Matapihi would like to invite members and friends to attend a networking event with Jenny Samms, CEO of Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV). This is a FREE event.
Tue, 4 Oct, 4:30PM – 6:30PM
NZ - Wellington


Modern design solutions and ideas for social and affordable housing developments.
Wed, 26 Oct, 9:00AM - 1:00PM


 | Networking lunch with Minister Petrusma, Minister for Human Services & Minister for Women, and Peter White, Chief Executive, Housing and Disability Reform, Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services, on their vision for Social Housing in Tasmania. This event is FREE for AHI Members.
Wed, 2 Nov, 11:00AM – 1:00PM


AHI Annual General Meeting
Details of the 2016 AGM will be available soon.
Thur, 24 Nov, time tba

: Tenants on Boards.
"If you don't have tenants on the board, you're not really serious about tenant engagement".
Wed, 7 Dec, 3:00PM – 5:00PM
The Australasian Housing Institute is delighted to present our Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2020 to build on the growth and successes we have achieved in recent years. Through this plan we aspire to remain the leading provider of professional development and accreditation services for housing professionals, by continuously building the value we deliver to our members and partners. Read more

Upcoming Seminars

Innovation in mixed housing tenure development
29 Nov, Auckland

Exploring new ideas and innovative approaches in social housing
13 Dec, Sydney

Upcoming Webinars:

Becoming a Certified Housing Professional Webinar
Becoming a Certified Housing Professional guides AHI members through the process to become accredited through the Australasian Housing Institutes professional recognition program.
Fri, 14 Oct, 11:00AM-12:00PM AEST
Asset Management Framework
This webinar outlines the Asset Management Framework development process, highlights the immediate benefits obtained by Compass and explores the challenges that it raises for the future. AHI Webinars are free for Certified Housing Professionals (CHPs).
Fri, 21 Oct, 11:00AM - 12:00PM AEST

Upcoming Workshops:

Working with Complex and Demanding Clients
Tue, 25 Oct, 9AM-4PM
Sydney Wed, 26 Oct, 9AM-4PM

Past events 

Didn't have a chance to attend the latest local events? 

In the past month we ran two professional practice seminars in Brisbane and Melbourne and had a chance to discuss government policies during networking events in Perth and New Zealand. 
Please, click on links below to read event wrap-ups:

October 2016 HousingWORKS: Call for Contributions

The topic for the October joint edition of Parity and HousingWORKS will be 'The Future of Housing Support'. Click here to read contribution guidelines. All contributions need to be submitted by COB Friday, October 7th 2016.

Share your news with your peers!

Social Housing Update is a new HousingWORKS column, where social housing providers and businesses involved in the sector can share their company short (up to 250 words) news and announcements. We accept free and advertorial articles. To read contribution guidelines or to submit your announcement, please, click here.

Housing Jobs

See the recent job opportunities in the Australasian social housing sector.
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Youth Housing Conference: Living the Dream

Thur, 17 Nov - Friday, 18 Nov
The AHI is proud to sponsor the YOUTH HOUSING: Living the Dream Conference. Read more

2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Board of the Australasian Housing Institute (AHI), I am delighted to present our Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020 to promote excellence among housing professionals across Australia and New Zealand.
In recent years the AHI has established a solid foundation as the professional member organisation for people working in the public, community and private housing sectors. Through our Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020 we aspire to remain the leading provider of professional development and accreditation services for housing professionals, by continuously building the value we deliver to our members and partners.
Our Strategic Plan has been developed in the context of the rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment of the housing sector in Australia and New Zealand, and the resulting challenges and opportunities this presents for housing professionals.
The substance of the plan has been informed by feedback from a comprehensive survey of AHI members that was undertaken in late 2015, and it has been developed by our Board comprising representatives from every AHI jurisdiction.
Our plan describes who we are and what we aspire to achieve on behalf of our members and supporters.  It also presents the five Strategic Pillars that will ensure we continue to fulfil our mission to promote excellence in the housing sector.
We present our Strategic Plan to you as the framework that will underpin and guide the AHI’s activities in the exciting years to come.

CLICK HERE to download 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan.

Andrew Davis

AHI Member News 

It is with great pleasure that we have welcomed new members and Certified Housing Professionals in September. 

New Members

  • Stephen Hart, CORT Community Housing, New Zealand
  • Andrew Pansini, Housing Plus, NSW
  • Emily Tan, The Salvation Army New Zealand Trust, New Zealand
  • Charmaine White, Housing Choices Australia, Victoria

New Certified Housing Professionals

  • Martin Brown, Auckland City Council, NZ
  • Amanda Donohoe, Servants Community Housing Inc, VIC
  • Lynne McMillan, Wellington City Council, NZ
  • Krystal Moores, Bridge Housing, NSW
  • Anthony Nolan, Kennedy Associates  Architects, NSW
AHI professional accreditation is not only an easy way to demonstrate your commitment to your career to others, but also encourages you to plan your professional development activities and motivates you to stick to this plan.  Anthony Nolan from Kennedy Associates  Architects, who was accredited last week, says: "I’m really committed to the delivery of high quality social and affordable housing, so it’s really rewarding to have been recognised with the accreditation.  Preparing the submission has given me a great chance to reflect on the wide range of CPD activities that I’ve engaged with over recent times and to consider what may lay ahead."  

Click here to see the full list of CHP accredited professionals. Click here to read more about how AHI professional accreditation may assist you in pursuing your career plans.

Aboriginal Housing Master Class Signals Opportunity for Greater National Collaboration

On 8-9 September in Sydney, the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) co-hosted an Aboriginal Housing Master Class with the Australasian Housing Institute. The Master Class was an opportunity to bring leaders from the Aboriginal Housing sector together to share information, highlight national learnings and address some of the big issues facing the sector.
Speakers such as Sam Jeffries, Sally Langton and AHO Chief Executive Shane Hamilton addressed the core question: How do we combine the experience of mainstream housing and Aboriginal housing to learn from each other and collaborate to better address Aboriginal housing issues and support sustainability?
According to Shane, the AHO was initially approached to consider an Aboriginal Housing Conference, but felt that a Master Class was a more dynamic forum to have detailed conversations.
Shane also highlighted the importance of the event being a national initiative, particularly given the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH) ends in 2018. 
“We know that each state is in a different place with that agreement, so the conversation about Aboriginal Housing is absolutely one that concerns the whole of Australia,” explains Shane.
“As a sector, we need to start talking about where the real pressure points are going to be beyond 2018, and put our heads together to think about what a new agreement might focus on and whether another one should be developed.”
The Master Class was also an exciting opportunity to take a strengths-based approach and reflect on what has worked well in the sector and what it can keep building on. It was a time to look at what the sector could do differently and how it may need to change, to respond to emerging issues.
“There is great opportunity for us to share ideas and existing stories as a platform to talk about real solutions for future housing options for Aboriginal people,” says Shane.
“For example, there have been some really positive initiatives in transitional housing programs in Western Australia, which have clearly improved housing options for remote communities. This is something we could perhaps learn from and amplify nationally.”
One of the key issues the AHO wanted to raise with their national counterparts was that of stronger community engagement around the type of housing systems that are actually needed.
“In many cases, big national agreements can be seen to be imposing things on Aboriginal communities and developing systems and structures for us that do not reflect individual needs and aspirations.
“We don’t want to be in a situation where time and dollars drive a program and its outcomes; we want the drivers to be innovation and community need. This means we need to look at how we can better collaborate and co-design with our communities.”
Shane says should a new agreement or any kind of national partnership be developed, he wants to see innovation at its core, as it can’t simply be a ‘one size fits all’ model.
The AHO believes that forums like the Master Class are a great opportunity for this kind of innovation to flourish.
“With the NPARIH agreement ending in 2018, we need to start having these conversations now, so that we can better understand the level of need to plan for and start working on providing new solutions for people, as they transition through the housing continuum.
“We need to have a system that is responsive to those needs at every point on someone’s journey – not just solutions that are stuck and focused at one end of the spectrum.”
Shane argues that if you think about the broader, closing-the-gap agenda and look to health challenges, mental health, education, employment – all of those things have a theme, and that theme is housing support providing a strong foundation to address all of these other challenges.
“Beyond 2018, we know there will still be a lot of unmet need and there’s a challenge in making sure that programs are available at each stage of the housing continuum.
“We will also still face the challenge of making sure that programs and services are culturally relevant for Aboriginal people and their families. I think there’s a lot more we can do to support mainstream providers, who are connecting with Aboriginal communities,” says Shane.
The AHO hopes to continue to deliver master classes and similar events to ensure Aboriginal Housing has a voice and a recognised place in the broader housing sector.
“We do need our own platform to inform policy going forward. We need clear access and choice in housing options and we need to support our community in housing as well.
“By coming together as a national community, we can hopefully influence policy in a positive way and keep community need at the centre of decision making.”

Aboriginal Housing Office Chief Executive Shane Hamilton

The Aboriginal Housing Masterclass was a wonderful success, with over 50 participants across the two days representing nearly every  Australian state and territory. The presentations over the two days raised many issues, highlighted the challenges, offered many insights, and shared many success stories. There were key 'success themes' that ran through all of the presentations, including cultural respect and understanding, engagement with local communities, and the importance of participation in decision making at a local level. There were also some great learnings about the need to achieve efficiencies of scale, but also building organisational capacity without being dependent on scale to do so.

The other highlight of the workshop was a series of 'roundtable' discussions. These group conversations gave rise to a vision for the future of Aboriginal housing and some great ideas about specific things that we can do individually and collectively to get there. The workshop ended on a high with a collective commitment to the workshop becoming an ongoing forum for discussions and future workshops to develop policy positions that will  inform the next round of NPARIH negotiations in 2017.

A productive and energising two days, yet we have just scratched the surface!

Andrew Davis, AHI President

WA Networking Event: Bennett Street Tour 

On 7th September, Foundation Housing opened the doors of their newest project to the scrutiny of AHI members and other WA housing professionals. ‘Bennett Street’ is a ten storey inner-city development of 70 mixed tenure units designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged people, including 50 studio apartments and 20 one-bed affordable units. The project also includes communal gardens and laundry, a caretakers apartments, office and meeting spaces and a rooftop terrace with stunning views.
Foundation Housing’s development and maintenance staff were on hand for the tour. They explained how the experience gained from their existing portfolio had informed the project. Particular attention had been paid to durability of materials and reduced maintenance costs. Architects, JCY, brought a significant focus on natural light and cross-ventilation throughout the building and successfully blended the robust materials and finishes to achieve a space that feels very human.
Tour participants included designers, developers and tenancy managers. There were plenty of questions for Foundation Housing’s staff about materials, design detailed, building management and the feedback from tenants. The overwhelming response to the building was extremely positive. 
Foundation Housing view the Bennett Street Project as setting a new standard for lodging accommodation, which will progressively replace old lodging houses in the future. Tour participants agreed that the project was far superior that the project is an exciting new affordable housing option. 
Our thanks for Foundation Housing for their hospitality.
Su Groome, AHI WA Director, General Manager - Property Assets, Access Housing

HousingWORKS / Parity Joint Edition: The Future of Housing Support

Once again the Australasian Housing Institute and the Council to Homeless Persons are combining their resources to publish a joint edition of their two publications. This will be the October 2016 'The Future of Housing Support' joint edition of HousingWorks and Parity
While the institutional separation of “housing” and “support” in government is now, by and large, a thing of the past, there are of course necessary conceptual distinctions between the provision and delivery of “housing” and “support” services to people experiencing homelessness. The October 2016 joint edition of Parity and HousingWorks will be devoted to addressing issues of housing-focused support.

A Framework for Discussion: 
  1. Conceptual and definitional parameters of “housing-focused support”
  2. Accessing Housing
  3. Maintaining and Sustaining Housing
  4. The Future of Housing-focused Support
Click here to read full Contribution Guide.

We also would like to invite you to participate in our new vox pop section. The question for this edition is “What is the most effective form of housing support and why?”. Please, send a short 150-200 words opinion piece to to have a chance to be featured in the premier journal on social housing matters in Australia and New Zealand.

Stay up-to-date with current job vacancies with the NEW AHI Social Housing Job BoardIf you wish to advertise your vacancy on the AHI website and Housing People newsletter, please, click here and fill in the form. AHI job listing is currently a FREE service.
Tenancy Advisor, Wellington City Council - City Housing, NZ
The City Housing Team at Wellington City Council has an opportunity to make a genuine difference for passionate, people-oriented and solution-focussed people prepared to take on this challenge. They are looking to fill two full time positions; one permanent, one fixed term for 12 months in the role of Tenancy Advisor.
Property Assets Project Officer, Launch Housing, VIC
Two leading and very successful organisations in the homelessness and related sectors, HomeGround and Hanover, have merged to form a new agency, Launch Housing, with an ambitious agenda to achieve their vision of ending homelessness. Launch Housing is a strong, single, focused voice on homelessness, driven by the values of Empowerment, Fresh Thinking, Agility, Leadership and Courage. They are currently looking for a suitably experienced Property Assets Project Officer.
Property Manager, Launch Housing, VIC
HomeGround Real Estate is a social enterprise within Launch Housing that provides an industry standard real estate service to investors, ensuring that property owners' investments are well taken care of. Market rate rental returns are attained for their landlords while reinvesting the management fee into their efforts to end homelessness. They are looking for an experienced residential property manager to join their specialty Real Estate Agency located in Collingwood.
Tenancy Relations Officer, Housing Plus, NSW
Housing Plus are currently seeking a tertiary qualified individual with prior experience in tenancy or property management who is understanding and sensitive to the needs of clients from diverse backgrounds.
Marketing and Events Coordinator, Housing Plus, NSW
Housing Plus are currently seeking motivated, energetic tertiary qualified, early career individual who is passionate about marketing and events and making a difference in our communities.
Marketing & Communications Manager, AHURI, VIC
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), a national independent research network is currently seeking an ongoing, full-time Marketing and Communications Manager.


The National Māori Housing Conference 2016 

29 September – 1 October 2016, Tauranga, New Zealand
The National Māori Housing Conference 2016 will deliver an exemplar conference that is strategic and adds value to every participant.  The theme of the Conference is ‘Collaboration and Strategic Relationships’ Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi, through collaboration and strategic relationships the work will be completed. Read more

The future of housing assistance 

19 October 2016, Adelaide
AHURI invites you to join them at the second conference in a new national series of cross-sectoral policy focused events. With the election of a new Federal Government and national funding agreements up for renewal, now is the right time to debate, discuss and consider the future of housing assistance in Australia. Read more

YOUTH HOUSING: Living the Dream conference

17-18 November 2016, Adelaide
As Australia’s housing affordability crisis continues unabated many young people remain locked out of the market. Home ownership is a distant hope, and even rental properties are proving out of reach for the growing numbers of young people trapped by low incomes. Read more
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