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Position Description

Aboriginal specialist - identified position
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The Federation is supporting the development of an Aboriginal peak for the Aboriginal community housing sector and now has around 50 Aboriginal member organisations. This is an exciting opportunity for a dedicated and skilled Aboriginal Specialist to help extend the work with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations. The Aboriginal Specialist will provide advice, mentoring and organisational development support. Applicant's skills include project management, excellent presentation and written skills, as well successful engagement of Aboriginal organisations.
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Corporate Services
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NSW Federation of Housing Associations Inc.


Sydney, NSW

Position Description

The Aboriginal Specialist will be responsible for providing support, capacity building, organisational development and consultancy services to both the Aboriginal community housing sector and the community housing sector. The Specialist will also be responsible for project management of concurrent projects and co-ordinating the work of a variety of consultants.

The Aboriginal Specialist will be responsible to the Manager, Business Development for leading and participating in specific organisational development activities. This will include engaging Aboriginal organisations, boards and communities, and providing assistance to enable organisations to become registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

The Aboriginal Specialist will provide a wide range of good practice advice and workshops to support the Boards, management and staff of individual organisations, with the aim of building providers’ capacity to develop and expand their businesses.

The Aboriginal Specialist will also develop information and policy documents as well as written progress and briefing documents.

Other roles will include project management, co-ordinating programs of work with external consultants and internal colleagues, and supporting Aboriginal cultural competency in mainstream housing organisations.

In addition, the Aboriginal Specialist is expected to make an effective contribution to the achievement of the organisation’s broader objectives as an industry peak body. 

This is an Aboriginal - identified position. Applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (pursuant to Section 14 (d) of the Anti-discrimination act.) and Confirmation of Aboriginality will be required. 

Selection Criteria


  • Excellent project management and project leadership skills 
  • Excellent writing skills 
  • Demonstrated experience i nengaging Aboriginal organisations 
  • Demonstrated experience in the provision of resources and advice to support organisations’ business development 
  • Ability to manage contractors to ensure effective project delivery 
  • Excellent communication and presentational skills with the ability to engage stakeholders of all levels
  • Knowledge and understanding of the cultural, social and economic needs of Aboriginal people in NSW 
  • Knowledge and understanding of the challenges and barriers that affect Aboriginal communities and organisations in NSW 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a cross-functional team 
  • Ability to support the development of Aboriginal cultural competency in mainstream community housing organisations
  • This is an identified position and applicants must provide Confirmation of Aboriginality
  • Knowledge and experience in any of the following fields - governance, housing management, asset management, or financial management 
  • Social or community housing experience or experience in a related field 
  • Understanding of the purpose of a member-based Association 
  • Experience of training delivery 
  • Knowledge of regulatory systems 
  • Strategy development 
  • Budgetmanagement 
  • Ability to input an Aboriginal perspective into mainstream or general housing policy 


Please email resume and selection criteria to or contact for more information. Applications close Thursday January 25.

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